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So often, women feel that something is missing from their lives, that they have been letting life pass them by. They have either been too consumed by worrying what others think of them or, are enrolled in a constant need to conform to what is expected from them. They feel tired of the judgements, from others and from themselves and they just want to finally move forwards in living from their own desires for themselves. They have lived under a cloud of so many self-limiting beliefs and reasons as to why they cannot BE more. Excuses flood their conscience such as, “I am too old to pursue my passions”, “I am not rich, thin or pretty enough” or, “Everyone else must come first before my own needs”.

Often, they have become separated from their life-giving force and the power of their sexual and sensual energy. They have denounced the essence of their Feminine Erotic Capital which would otherwise be serving them with a huge advantage that we no longer acknowledge today. 

I am speaking about the power of Woman, the Goddess and all of her Feminine ways.

If any of this resonates with you and you have lost your spark, feel invisible, disconnected from your body, your sensuality and, feel burnt out with exhaustion then, I am here to help.

Hello, I am Laura Jane, founder of  The Art of Woman.

 My passion is helping women to rebirth as more vibrant and radiant individuals.

My work focuses on helping women achieve the following core pillars of the Art of Woman:

  • Pleasure

  • Passion

  • Poise

  • Presence


There is always more to be explored, discovered and enjoyed whatever age or stage of life we are moving through.


My work specialises within the areas of Sensual Feminine Embodiment Coaching, guiding women to a state where they can finally sit comfortably and empowered within their Femininity.

I believe that we have forgotten our inner power as Feminine beings and we have forgotten to utilise the long lost Feminine Arts with which to seduce, beguile and captivate all who are within our presence.


I am a Dancer and Performer and I am also trained in a variety of healing modalities. I am an accredited Psychosexual Therapist and seasoned space holder having hosted women's circles for the last several years alongside many other gatherings and workshops.


I am a firm believer that Beauty heals the soul, Dance helps women to authentically express themselves and that opening ourselves up as Sensual Feminine beings helps us to flourish within all areas of life. I founded The Art of Woman so that all who enter it's realm (both in person and virtually) can experience an all immersive approach to Healing, Transformation and a large dose of Glamour.

To see some testimonials from others who have worked with me, please see further below...

Laura Foley

Feminine Embodiment is that deep connection to the Female body and the wisdom that runs through her veins, emanates from her divine flesh and rests within the powers of her womb. A woman embodied within her feminine energy is able to express herself outwardly in the way that she moves, dresses and interacts with others and the world around her. 

My one to one sessions and group workshops are woven with the potency of accessing Somatic wisdom and I often guide you to tap into the 'felt sensations' within your body.

The body is the deep core of where feelings are stored and anything negative resting within tends to manifest into a sense of inflated dis-ease.

Join me in my School for Sirens. A Renaissance of the Feminine Art of Seduction & Allure


Every woman has the ability to rebirth as a more vibrant and extraordinary creature whom seduces all within her wake and creates a memorable stir wherever she goes.


What Other's Say

Laura is truly a unique and special woman, her presence alone enriches a room. Her Goddess Gathering event was a beautiful and soulful way to encourage and connect with other women." 


"Laura holds such a safe and empowering space in the Goddess Healing dance classes. I feel able to drop out of my mind and into my body from the second the class begins. I have found each of the classes I have attended to activate something different in me and have carried the healing energy from the class with me through the weeks. There is something so sacred and feminine about the way Laura holds space and I am SO grateful for these supportive practices. It truly is medicine in this world we are living in to spend an hour coming home to myself"

Emma G

I signed up to Laura's 6 week burlesque course as a means to tick something off my bucket list. Little did I know I'd walk away feeling more feminine, imaginative, empowered and explorative. It's not simply about dancing or performing, it's about growth, healing and wilding. It's given me a chance to break free from the shoulds, coulds and woulds of feminine expectations and allow me to grow into the identity I desire. I'm so grateful for the safe and vibrant space that Laura created in this course that allowed me to create foundations for this phase of my life.

Sophie F

Journeying in to the senses and personal instincts through through scent, fabric, music and word prompts enabled me to unpack beliefs that were perceived holding me and my clothing choices back. The meditation into my best self led to some powerful inner visual moments. I look forward to going deeper into my soul style journey to unleash a part of me I have forgotten and am now willing to let rise to the surface. An hour well spent as the insights are still emerging a week later. Thank you Laura Client Testimonial for Soul Styling Experience.

Debs Galloway

I think I found Laura via her Instagram page. She is completely unique (but in a wonderful way). I had been having a tough time in my relationship and she was the most amazing person to talk to. She makes you feel so empowered just by talking with her and the sessions I have done have also been great. I came out feeling so much more sure of myself. It is interesting that in our busy lives there is never time to stop and take time for yourself, Laura allows you that time and the Muse and Burlesque sessions I have done have allowed me to think about the deeper things I had definitely been pushing to the back of my mind. I am definitely more thoughtful of my own needs and wants rather than it all being about others. I honestly cannot recommend her work highly enough.
Melanie W

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